Welcome to the new gallery...again, there is nudity and violence on these pages...get out now while the gettings good. Otherwise, welcome...




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                          Dark Star      The Black Madonna

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Bittersweet      Dear Nola          


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forgotten-sgopt.jpg (157656 bytes)  gothfairy-a.jpg (322397 bytes)  bluangel-b-sm.jpg (121262 bytes)

Things Forgotten, Goth Fairy, Blue Angel


february02_a.jpg (554422 bytes)   march02_a.jpg (429389 bytes)   4hawk.jpg (195560 bytes)

Calendar Girls---just starting this series, so January is missing and who knows how bored I'll get with it, but at least you can see February and March. :) And then there is Meouch, my version of Catwoman.


seansky01_a.jpg (320598 bytes)  goldengirl_opt.jpg (243490 bytes)  steelsatin_a.jpg (856128 bytes)

Sea and Sky, Golden Girl Redux, Steel and Satin 


justicewept_01sm3.jpg (512461 bytes)  darkdancer.jpg (212938 bytes)  angeltears_fnla.jpg (458104 bytes)

Justice Wept, Dark Dancer, Angel Tears 


hope02_a.jpg (484254 bytes)  2farfromhere_fnl.jpg (462419 bytes)  contemplation_a.jpg (518715 bytes)

Hope, Too Far From Here, Contemplation 


strangeplaces_gl.jpg (231480 bytes)  mermaiddesktop_a.jpg (587269 bytes) shaharadesktop01.jpg (214570 bytes)

Into Strange Places, Mermaid, Lace Curtains


coppercove.jpg (445823 bytes)  lightincellar.jpg (512657 bytes)  marionette.jpg (240654 bytes)  

Copper Cove, Light In The Cellar, Marionette 



melancholybaby.jpg (333155 bytes)  sentinel_linecolor.jpg (363031 bytes)  unfinishedbizopt.jpg (204758 bytes)

Melancholy Baby, Sentinel, Unfinished Business



storms.jpg (237191 bytes) pvcfantasyII.jpg (497375 bytes)    shelter.jpg (416587 bytes)

Storms, PVC Phantasy II, Shelter 



gold.jpg (64974 bytes) heathen01.jpg (78723 bytes) icestrangelJ_a.jpg (304183 bytes) 

Golden Girl, Heathen, Ice Angel---from Strangels. 


penny01.png (480777 bytes) penny10.jpg (113966 bytes) rock01.jpg (48171 bytes)

Penny Dreadful, Raveness as the Evil Nun, Rock, Paper Scissors.


queenJa.jpg (267271 bytes) mooncats.jpg (61803 bytes) firecat2.png (477897 bytes) 

Queen, Mooncats, Firecat. 


mistymorning2.jpg (157743 bytes) blues.jpg (125624 bytes) daysworkbw.jpg (80438 bytes) 

Misty Morning, Babes in Blue, All in a Day's Work for the Reaper. 


passions_sm.jpg (54505 bytes)  rapunzelJ.jpg (127517 bytes)  

The Passions that Consume Us, Rapunzel



menagerie.jpg (81860 bytes)  Lightness3.jpg (97759 bytes)  gneJ.jpg (77965 bytes)

Menagerie, Torture of Technology, Somewhere Between Good and Evil. 


rehabJ2.jpg (117334 bytes)   stellamaris.jpg (78234 bytes)   wildchild.jpg (239998 bytes)

Rehab Bound, Stella Maris, Seeking Asylum



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